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Needs of the Body and Soul

This week has been different. I feel different. I feel tired and weak. I don’t feel as powerful as I did last week. I feel enervated. I lack purpose. I lack th faith.

 I’m thinking of quitting my practice and going back to Catholicism. Back when my life was normal and nothing strange happened. I sort of crave that again.

Or maybe this is just part of the obstacle in my new practice. I need to just get over this obstacle and then I’ll be okay.

Maybe I’m not experiencing a spiritual problem. Perhaps this is is a physical problem. I’ve been concentrating on the spiritual aspect of my life that I’ve forgotten that I have a body to take care of. I haven’t been getting enough sleep and I barely have the appetite to eat.

I have forgotten that the body and the soul are intertwined in the same way that matter and energy are the same. If I am to continue on achieving spiritual awakening, I must feed my body as well.

Buddha found this out the hard way. He set off outside his palace walls to become an ascetic. He didn’t eat for days. When his body almost gave up from exhaustion, that’s when he realized that he has to take care of his body as well.

It’s really hard juggling the needs of the spirit and the needs of the body. The Middle Way is hard path to traverse. Everyday is a challenge. You can’t allow yourself to be lazy.

In order to restore my balance I will write down a concrete plan on how to take care of my bodily and spiritual needs.

Bodily Needs:

– I will exercise three to five times a week. Before I worked the night shift, I would go to the gym almost everyday.

– I will eat more fiber. I will eat a healthy breakfast.

– I will get enough sleep.

– I will get a facial and a massage.

Spiritual Needs:

– I will listen to music

– I will read more books.

– I will write more often.

– I will take care of my relationships.

Care of the body and spirit:

– I will dance.

– I will paint.

– I will cook.

– I will allow myself to fall in love.


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