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Loneliness And Hope

In the news, I heard that a man died alone inside a movie theater. When the customers had all gone home, the movie theater caretaker noticed a man slumped to his side. The caretaker thought that the man was sleeping but when he touched him, the man was already stiff. The attendant called an ambulance immediately.

I was really bothered about that. I felt so sad for the man who had died. Who was he? And why had no one noticed that he was suffering? I find that it’s very lonely, the way he died. And over the years, as I’ve watched the news, I’ve heard stories of similar deaths.

There was a man who died in the parking lot. People thought he was sleeping but when they checked, he had already died. Then there was this old homeless woman who died inside her cart. Her cart was her only sole possession. She had slept there. When people discovered her, she was already dead. I also heard the story of a man who had died while mowing. He just collapsed. When people discovered him, he was already dead. His electric grass cutter was still switched on. Some thought he was electrocuted. But who knows what really happened? Maybe one day he just decided to die.

 Then there’s the young man who was shot in front of my house. I discovered the body and called an ambulance. I also called the police. I would never forget that day. I felt so sorry for the young man. It was reported that he was a criminal. But even criminals deserve a decent death. He was killed, shot five times in the head and in the torso. He died face down in the bushes. His brains were scattered in the plants.

Our nosy neighbors had crowded on his dead body. Some pointed, and some leered. Some were curious. Some were shocked. Some thought of it as entertainment. The stranger’s death was reported on TV. Some people were just there to be seen on TV.

It’s so sad how insensitive we’ve become. People die and suffer around us, and some don’t even blink. Most of the people have become indifferent to suffering and death. Life has become so complicated. People are all rushing to work or rushing to go back home from work. They don’t even care to look around them. In our hurry to go through life, we’ve forgotten our humanity.

 Ever since I started meditating and chanting or praying, I’ve managed to regain my humanity again. I’m more compassionate. But compassion can only do so much. I want to do something that makes an impact on ordinary people’s lives. But I don’t know what it is exactly that I want to do. All I know is that I want to change lives in a good way. Maybe I’m already starting. I’m starting with my family.

 I want my humanity to be restored. I want to do something for people. Something that just feels right. But I have to start somewhere. I have to start with myself. And after that, I will start with my family. And after I’ve accomplished my mission with them, maybe it’s time to start saving other people’s lives.


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