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Nice Man

I met a nice old man. I went to the government office  to secure a clearance. And the kindly man accomodated me. He didn’t give me any bother. He just told me to write my name and fill up a form. At first, he told me to go back tomorrow to get the clearance. He changed his mind. He decided to finish the clearance right away.

” I think it’s better if I just type this right now, so you won’t have to go back tomorrow,” he said.

The old man had kind eyes. He was short and lean. His face and body was wrinkled and tan. Yet he was very understanding. He permeated niceness.

While the man typed, I stood up and went to the window. The view was spectacular. I could see the roofs of houses and the mountainside. A few years ago, my city was barely populated. But it has grown so much over the years. People from other parts of the country would flock to my city. Each one wanting to get a piece of the pie or whatever promise they see in my progressive city.

When the man finished typing, I went back to my seat and thanked him. I asked him how much I was going to pay for his services. He was shy about it and he said, ” There’s no charge for it. But you know……. It depends on you.” He smiled. He was rather shy about it. I gave him a crisp bill and headed my way. Before I stepped off the room, I thanked him again and bid him goodbye. I might never meet him again. Or I might meet him and not recognize him. But that’s life. Some people come and go. But it’s wonderful to meet a really nice person in our journey through life.


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