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Life and Laughter

I discovered that humor can also be a defense mechanism. I wish I discovered it a long time ago. It’s ironic that I discovered it only recently, just when I discovered Buddhism. Humor should have been indispensable to me back when I was depressed. I could have used a little humor.

I’ve always had a funny side but it usually came out on Sundays. That’s the time when I made jokes. I was an insult comic. I was pretty witty and funny too. But I usually would crack a joke on the weekends. Because the rest of the week, I was busy being depressed. But I realize that humor would have at least made my life easier. Instead, I discovered it as a defense mechanism just recently.

When I’m feeling blue, I just try to joke or find some funny thing about my situation. I never did that before. When there was something sad and absolutely depressing, I’d allow myself to be affected. I still get sad even now that I’m a Buddhist but it disappears quickly because I often use humor or understanding to deal with the strong emotion. It’s more effective than wallowing or trying to remain in a state of self-pity.

I wonder if Shakyamuni Buddha had a sense of humor. He probably did. Of all people, the Buddhists should know that life shouldn’t be taken seriously. We fall, we crack a rib or two but we gather ourselves together and stand up.

Life is too short to waste it worrying. I’ve spent several years of my life trapped in self-pity and depression. But I say, never again. Not if I can help it. With Buddhism and a sense of humor as my tools, I’m more than equipped to deal with life.



  A Born Worrier wrote @

I quite often read your blog and your latest post has struck quite a cord with me. As you can gather by the name I use I worry & have anxiety but have found humour can defuse quite stressful situations. You are so right when you say life is too short to waste worrying.

Take care & I wish you well.

  ablogaday wrote @

Thanks for reading my blog. I never really thought that I had any audience. I just write. I guess I’ve stopped writing regularly because I thought that no one was really paying attention. Now that I know that someone is, I’ll write often.

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