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Impermanence and Other Stuff

I’ve been reading a book about a man who went to a Buddhist monastery to practice Zen Buddhism. I haven’t finished the book yet but I find it very interesting. The title of the book is ” The Empty Mirror.” I’m reading it slowly because I want to meditate on the book. I have this tendency to speed read and I just go through a book without even reading the details. The Empty Mirror seems like a book that you need to reflect on.There’s another book titled, ” The Power of Now,” that somehow explains awareness and allowing oneself to live in the present. I also love reading the book. It’s very straight-forward and the language is very simple. Much of the principles mentioned are similar to Zen. It’s about mindfulness or being aware of the present. I’m trying to practice the principles mentioned in the book.

I realize that there is no one way to enlightenment. There’s no clear cut path to enlightenment. Sometimes, it just happens while you’re in the bathroom. Sometimes it happens when you’re driving. By Enlightenment, I mean this powerful surge of realization or awareness. And to be highly aware of your life, you don’t exactly need to become a Buddhist to become enlightened, but it sure does help to be a Buddhist because all the questions that you care to ask are already answered.

Although I belong to one Buddhist group, I don’t allow myself to be limited to just one particular type of Buddhism. I read about and try to learn about the other types of Buddhism. I may belong to the Mahayana Buddhism, but I don’t try to ignore the other types like Hinayana/Theravedan and Vajrayana.

Buddha is long gone and we may never know what his exact teachings are. Buddhism has grown into something big and has branched out into many other groups. By studying each and learning from each branch, at least, you have a piece of the puzzle.

But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what type of Buddhism that you belong to. As long as your goal is to become more self-aware, then, that is all that matters. When you know yourself inside-out, you start to know others. By understanding yourself, you understand other people.

I’ve only been a Buddhist for five months now. I’m still a fledgling. I have much to learn. But I’m willing to learn. All I know is that this path that I have chosen is a life-long path. I vow to study and practice Buddhism until the day I cease to be. But I’m not afraid of that. That day will come soon enough. But I want to enjoy the journey and not the destination.

Sometimes, I get this extreme feeling of sadness when I start to think about the nature of life. Life is truly impermanent.The things and the people that we love today could be gone tomorrow. And I find that I am so afraid of loss. I could lose the people I love anytime. Or the life that I’ve been given may just evaporate.

I could be gone tomorrow. And then I try to stop myself from feeling sad. And I turn my sadness into gratitude. I’ve been allowed to live and to exist. And I should at least be grateful for that. And when I try to think about the possibility of loss only this time, with gratitude in my heart, I realize that I should live life to the fullest because I could be gone tomorrow. I want to love like there’s no tomorrow.

The Buddhists are probably the happiest people on earth. And to those who understand the true nature of life and its impermanence. Life may be gone tomorrow but at least, we have today. We have NOW. And we should at least be grateful for that.

Here’s a nice link to awareness in everyday living.



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