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The Purpose

There are times when I regret becoming a Buddhist. Sometimes, I get a glimpse of the way things are. Through my meditation and introspection I’ve come to realize that the physical world is a mere illusion. How everything– our pains, our hurts, our fears– are but mere imaginings. And I feel sad because the humans suffer needlessly. But we are not entirely to blame.  Through our many cycles of birth and rebirth, we have forgotten our true nature. We have forgotten who we are and what we are– that there is no WE and no I. There is no self. The SELF is the biggest illusion of all.

We all suffer needlessly because we have forgotten the true nature of life. But then I try to remind myself that perhaps there is a reson why we have to undergo this endless cycle of birth and rebirth.

My cousin who is highly AWARE told me that the purpose to all of this creation and uncreation is for growth and ultimately towards perfection. And it would seem that we can see evidence of it in the physical world. In the animal world, there is such a thing called EVOLUTION where species evolve from simple creatures to complex creatures. Even civilization is progressing towards perfection. Civilizations of long ago were brutal and self-destructive. But the most recent human civilization has grown and learned from the past mistakes. This generation has come to know something called a global society. Eventually, the humans will come to know true UNITY. And perhaps a few years from now, perhaps within my lifetime, we will come to experience global peace.

Each generation will experience benefits from the previous generations. Countless of generations before have experienced extreme hardship. It is the current generation that has benefited from the hard work and toil from previous generations. Indeed, the sufferings of our ancestor have served a purpose– to make our lives better.

Even the universe is changing and growing. The BIG BANG theory claims that the universe is expanding or growing. From the death of old stars, comes the birth of new ones. Remnants of an old solar system will help to build a new one.

Everything is changing. Nothing stays the same. And yet, we humans, hold on to our rigid beliefs. We are stubborn and refuse to accept the FOUR NOBLE truths or suffering. We die, we grow old, we get sick and we die. But all of that has a purpose. And we need not suffer needlessly if we understand that everything has a purpose.

 If you look superficially at Buddhism, you will come to think that it is nihilistic. But that’s not the underlying message. It’s not what Buddhism is all about. Buddhism is about acceptance. We must accept change. We must accept that life is fleeting and that our existence is but a blink of an eye in the larger scope of things. And yet, I am human too. I cling to my false beliefs. I cling to my fears and worries. And that’s when I am most unhappy.

Last week, I thought to myself, ” If everything is an illusion and if I am an illusion, what’s the use of living? I would rather just die than go through the whole process of living and suffering needlessly.” I felt so sad for myself. And I didn’t want to live. But I realize that I only felt that because I didn’t accept that physical life has an end.

Eckhart Tolle, the author of THE POWER OF NOW wrote that to be happy, we must accept the NOW and not think about the past nor the future. Because the NOW is all that we have and all that is ever is. The thing about humans is that we know the possibilities and we remember the past. But doing so, will only make us unhappy. Why not just enjoy our existence?

Perhaps that is the true purpose of life. We should just go through this life and accept the NOW– the now that is ever changing, the now that is the only thing that we have. We should just accept what IS.


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