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Just Say Yes

People often talk about that one particular book that changed their lives. Some were changed by the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Some were changed by Harry Potter books. Others swear that The Catcher in the Rye was the book that changed their life. Some would say that the Koran, The Bible or even one of Buddha’s Sutras changed their perception of the world.

The book that changed my view of the world and started great changes in me isn’t even considered a classic. It’s just a simple autobiographical book written by a simple bloke who lives in England. It’s a very funny book with a very simple message.

In that book, this bloke named Danny Wallace proved a very simple point. His message was this: Say yes more often and life happens to you.

Wallace started an experiment on himself. For one year, he would say yes to everything. Nothing was not important to him. Every opportunity he got, he would always say yes to it. As a result, he would spend thousands on useless merchandise ( which included a crappy car ); do drugs; have sex with strangers; travel outside his country just because someone asked him to do it; or even have his portrait taken with a picture of a dog in it.

Wallace took saying yes to the extreme of course but as a result of saying yes to everything, he got to experience life.

Wallace’s book, The Yes Man, made me realize that I was cloistering myself. I was twenty-eight years old by the time I read the book. I was nursing a broken heart and I tried to shut myself off from the rest of the world.

My routine was very simple. In the mornings I would go to work in the hospital. Then in the afternoons I would go to the gym. This went on and on for two years. And I felt so weary and unhappy because I knew there was more to life than my simple routine.

When I read the book, it got me thinking. I started to realize that I wasn’t saying yes more often. I wanted change in my life but I didn’t do anything to change it. I realized that in order for change to happen, I need to act on it. So, I quit my job at the hospital and found work elsewhere. That’s where I met new friends, learned how to get drunk, learned that I could dance and of course, that’s where I met Richard.

If I didn’t say yes to life and act on it, I would never have experienced life. And who would have imagined that I’d become a Buddhist? No one would have predicted that. Even I didn’t see it coming. And who would have thought that Richard, my former crush, would become one of my closest friends and confidant ( and perhaps something more )?

I wasn’t aware before but now I am. But I realize now, that I was more aware before than I am now. I knew that there was more to life. I knew that happiness was just around the corner. And that took a lot of courage and a lot of faith. I had faith. I had it all along. I acted on that faith, and look at where I am now? I have come so far. And I’m grateful that my twenty-eight year old self had faith in the future. And that’s something I need to get back to. I need faith. And I need to say yes more often!


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  A Born Worrier wrote @

Hi there, its me again.

I quite agree it is strange how a book can have a profound impact on your life. For my it was a book called Runaway by Lucy Irvine. If you ever see a copy I really recommend it.

Take care


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