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The Middle Way

I read Eckhart Tolle’s latest book, ” The New Earth.” It’s a follow up to his more popular book, ” The Power of Now.” I haven’t finished reading New Earth yet but there was this particular passage that really struck me.

Eckhart recounted his experience in a subway. He met this woman who was talking to her self. She was arguing by herself. Eckhart observed the woman and realized that she wasn’t that much different from him. Eckhart realized that we are all like this crazy woman talking to herself. We just don’t do it out loud.

Eckhart wrote that we allow ourselves to get carried away by our thoughts, instead of the other way around. Eckhart suggested that we should be the masters of our thoughts, not the other way around. We should bring awareness to our thoughts or even just to our everyday actions. That is enough to stop us from going insane. We should bring back awareness to our self. That should be enough to bring balance into our lives.

I bough this interesting book by Osho. It’s about human intelligence. I read the first few pages and I loved what I read. Osho wrote that there should be a unity between material and spiritual. It’s always the ideal to bring about balance. But then, a few pages later, he allowed himself to be carried away. He started hitting on Christianity.

He wrote negative things about Christianity and about religion. He wrote that wars have been started by Christians. I was a Christian myself and I don’t disagree with him. Christianity has a violent history. But it wasn’t his ideas that affected me, rather the way he presented those ideas.

I put the book down and I couldn’t understand why I felt uneasy. It wasn’t the ideas that he presented that made me feel uneasy. Rather it was the way he presented his ideas that made me feel uneasy. His thoughts had taken flight. It was evident in the pages. There was no doubt that this man was intelligent. But he had allowed his thoughts to take control. His thoughts were like unbridled horses. He allowed himself to get carried away.

He wrote against religion. And wrote against the middle way. It was evident that the man was argumentative and had perceived enemies.

My sibling had introduced me to Osho. I thought that I would like Osho’s ideas since I was open for anything. I do like his ideas but the way he presented it allowed me a glimpse inside his head.

Osho wrote something about not following the Middle Way. He said that the Middle Way is a very hard path to follow. He suggested that we should allow ourselves to just live in both extremes. Be like a pendulum, he wrote. Because if we allow ourselves to remain in the middle, we will not grow.

Although Osho has a point, I greatly disagree with him on this one. I don’t argue with him on the fact of allowing ourselves to feel the extreme left or the extreme right. Existence is all about allowing yourself to feel. I don’t disagree with him on that one. But I disagree with him on not staying in the middle. If there is no balance in our lives. If we allow ourselves to be affected by every circumstance, there would be chaos.

I agree that we should live and accept our existence. I agree that we shouldn’t stop ourselves from feeling desires or urges. I agree that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to live like robots. Ascetism no significance in this society.

But following the Middle Way means seeing both the extremes– living it, understanding it, and yet not be swayed by it. Not to be carried away by extreme happiness or not to be carried away by extreme sorrow. To stay in the middle means to be resilient.

A bamboo grass is very resilient because it sways with the wind. But it is deeply rooted in the ground, in the middle. If there is a strong gust of wind, it bends with the wind but it never breaks. Why? Because it is deeply rooted in the middle. It is deeply rooted in the ground.

Insanity means allowing yourself to live either of the extremes– to live in extreme fear or to live in extreme ecstasy. Insanity means the loss of balance. Insanity means to be carried away by the extremes.

When we allow our thoughts to take flight, we allow ourselves to be controlled or to be swayed by it. If we take control of our thoughts and know the reason behind them, that is the Middle Way.

The Middle Way means to observe. The Middle Way means balance. There can be no doubt that there is duality in the universe. There is left and right. There is correct and wrong. There is good and bad. There is happiness and unhappiness. There is enlightenment and there is ignorance. There is fear and love. There is acceptance and rejection. There is body and soul. There is matter and energy. If there is no middle, no center, would there be duality? Would we even understand the concept of duality? Would there be contrast? Would there be separateness?

I don’t understand exactly why the Middle Way is the right way to start our journey through life. It may take years for me to find the answers. But why is it that we seek balance in our lives? Why is it that we seek equilibrium and peace?

At the end of my journey, I may find that there is no right path or correct path. But at least, we have to start somewhere. And for me, to start in the Middle Way should be a good start.



  hbar12 wrote @

Can we say anything without getting a disagreement? Blue is an absolute frequency, allow me that. It’s a middle way, but a place also. I’m not sure everything is a balance or there’s a place in the middle, between two extremes, but a place of it’s own. Balance is not always good, adaptability is. If we don’t go with our thoughts then we have the freedom to be more adaptable. A plus and a negative. If we are our thoughts we have to defend a position. In real life a second can mean a whole new situation. We have to deal with it, middle way or no. I don’t see a comfortable place to stay forever, but the excitement of the journey. I guess I’m saying one size doesn’t fit all situations, truth is relative to the time and situation and a fixed notion is in the past. It’s not that there’s not security it’s that we tend to be too fixed. Oh, fooey, you no, the opposite is always true too, that’s all. lol

  ablogaday wrote @

You know you’re right….. Adaptability is good. It’s just that by balance I mean that we should try to listen to both our mind and our heart when making decisions. By balance, I mean that you shouldn’t live both extremes. Oh, but what the heck? I’ve just recently fallen from the center and I have to climb back up again. You’re right… Adaptability is good. I’ll just live my life.. That is what we’re meant to do anyway. To live our life and to experience it and yet to not be tainted or poisoned by it. To live, that is our destiny.

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