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Starting Point

I’ve been reading Buddhist books written by Buddhists monks. Some of these books are written by monks who practice Theravedan and Tibetan Buddhism. Their words make sense to me but somehow, I have a feeling that although they know what they are talking about, they somehow can’t understand how to reach the common masses.

Monks have chosen a noble path. They have decided to shun society and live in seclusion to attain enlightenment. It takes so much courage to leave everything you’ve known and go on a journey to self-discovery.

But it takes more courage to live in this society and still try to attain enlightenment. I know there are people who live among us who have already gained true enlightenment. These people have chosen to still live in this society. These people are strangers to us, yet they live among us.

I am somehow hoping that I too can achieve enlightenment and yet still live in this reality.

There must be a reason why we were born humans. There must be a reason to our suffering. Maybe we are not meant to shun society. Maybe we are meant to live here in this reality and experience life. Maybe we’re born into this world to experience tears, sadness, joy, laughter, pain, suffering and happiness. Maybe the reason for our existence is to just exist.

Ever since I started practicing Buddhism, I realized how pain is necessary in order to understand happiness. Osho wrote that without suffering there is no bliss. I could never understand it at first, but now I’m starting to.

Maybe we are born here in order to feel. We are born here to be alive. We are born to love. We are born to experience all sorts of things. Perhaps the secret is to know this and yet to be aware that our pain and misery has a purpose. That the tears that we cry has a purpose. That attachment to this life has a purpose.

At first, I wanted to escape reality. I wanted to practice the austere kind of Buddhism. But now I’ve realized that there is no need to. I have all the tools necessary in order to achieve enlightenment in my present incarnation. There’s no need to go on a journey. I can start right here, right now. I can start with who I am. The starting point is the here and now.


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