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To Love Or Not To Love

My workmates want me to go out with this other guy at work. They think we’re a match. This new guy reminds me of my EX boyfriend. They have the same features. I have talked to him and he seems like a smart guy. My ego agrees with him but my heart loves someone else.

I love Richard. And sometimes I wish I didn’t love him. We’re at this point in our relationship where we’re in a stalemate. We can’t move backward and we can’t move forward. All it takes is a little honesty and then perhaps there’s going to be progress in our relationship. But I’m such a coward. Can I really say to a man that I love him without knowing if he loves me in return? Am I willing to take that risk? What if he’ll tell me that he doesn’t love me? What if he can’t love me back? Will I be able to take it?

I’m going to go out on a date with two guys. I don’t particularly like them. I’m not particularly attracted to them. But I feel that it’s something I have to do. I love Richard but I’m confused as to what we really are.

I know I’m the only cause to my own unhappiness. My heart tells me to just risk it. But my mind tells me to hold back. And now I have made myself unhappy for not being honest about how I really feel.

I could be leaving in a couple of months. And I hope that I’ll still have time to tell Richard how much he means to me.

I know that it is wrong to be attached to someone. When you’re a Buddhist you’re supposed to understand that relationships are temporary. And that attachments will just pull you down. But a part of me has accepted that I’m only just human. What’s the use of feelings and emotions if you’re not supposed to feel them?

When I remember and am aware of the true nature of life, I feel grateful. I feel so happy every moment. But there are times when my mundane existence drags me down.

But should I risk falling in love? Or should I just try to live a life of a coward? That’s the question I have to answer soon.


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