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Inside and Outside

I can’t believe that I’m back where I started. Last year, I started out unhappy and now I’m back in that state again. The only difference is, through my journey this year, I was able to experience joy and happiness. It wasn’t meant to be short-lived. But since I allowed my negativity to rule my life again, I inevitably dragged myself down.

The thing that has saved me and continued to save me was hope. But I lost sight of that, until now.

I thought that I was bound to suffer alone. But I was wrong. I’m humbled. I don’t have to suffer alone. And I realize that if I isolate myself from the world, I can’t grow spiritually.

I’ve been so confused and heartbroken lately. I’ve become extremely depressed. And I lost hope again. But all it took for me to bounce back again was a chat with my friend. I called her up just to say hello. I wanted to ask her if she was doing okay. As it turns out, I was the one needing help.

I helped her the last time. She was heartbroken and crying. She was in so much pain. I was there to comfort her. This time around, I was the one crying and in pain. And she comforted me.

I know now that I don’t have to suffer alone. No one has to suffer alone. We are all connected. And people and relationships are mirrors. How will I know what I am inside, if I don’t have feedback from the outside world? How will I test my acquired wisdom if I can’t apply it outside of myself.

The Buddhists believe that the inside and the outside world are interconnected. What you are inside, is what manifests outside of yourself. And vice versa.

No man is an island. I have lost sight of that. I started to believe that I was really alone in my practice. But how sad it is, to be alone and to feel lonely. And now I know that we don’t have to suffer alone. That friends are always there to help you. And friendship and understanding will help you through a really rough patch.


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