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Learning How To Live

My colleague’s father died. He was suffering from cancer for two years before he finally succumed.

Our colleague, M, talked about her father, ” He was this jolly fellow. He was a joker. Even when he was sick with cancer, he’d still joke around.”

And it got me thinking. How would I want to be remembered when I pass away? What would I want people to remember about me?

Back when I was a Catholic, I remembered this particular sermon. I never listen to homilies, but at that time, I listened to it and paid attention to what the priest was saying.

” You must all remember, ” the priest said. ” That when it’s time to go, you can’t take anything with you, not even a backpack. When you pass away from this world, when you cease to exist, you can’t take your clothes, your money, your things. You started in this world with nothing and you will end with nothing.”

The Buddhists keep mentioning that as well. I read a Buddhist author. He wrote, ” When we pass into this world, we must allow our souls to be untainted by this reality.”

How do I want live my life? How do I want to be remembered? I have to ask myself that. I have to seek out the answers to these questions.

We start with nothing. We end with nothing. We must realize that we exist for a purpose. We are here perhaps to learn, but after that is over, after our learning has stopped, we must realize that we can’t take our material possessions with us. We leave with the fullness of our existence nothing more, nothing less. But we also must remember not to be dragged down by it.

Everything has a purpose. Our life has a purpose. We must live our life with purpose. And we must seek out the answer to these questions: How would we want to leave this world? How do you want to be remembered? How would you like to live your life? Do you want to leave this life happy?


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