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The Path To Love

The knowledge of knowing that you are just an illusion is both a joyous occasion and a sad occasion. For to realize that you are an illusion means that you need not suffer needlessly anymore. But it is a sad occasion because you begin to realize that you have suffered needlessly as well.

I cried when I realized the implications of my realization. But at the same time I was happy. I am both happy and sad. A part of me wants to be self-destructive. All these years my life has been a lie, or an illusion. Who is happy with that realization? But at part of me is grateful for being given the opportunity to live.

Today I am more grateful than sad. I am grateful that I was able to experience sadness, unhappiness, joy, laughter and happiness. But most of all, I am happy that I experiened love.

I believe that I chose this existence to experience true love. And I want to follow that path from this moment on until the moment I cease to be.

Yes, ultimately, joy and bliss are but illusions. But knowing happiness, bliss and love is a gift to humanity. I am still grateful for all the suffering I went through. For after the suffering comes wisdom and liberation from pain.


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