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The Shopgirl

If ever there’s a movie that would sum up the story of my life, it would be SHOPGIRL. When I saw the movie, I thought that they were filming my own life. I was the Shopgirl.

I was the lonely and depressed girl on the film. I was that girl who felt dead inside. There was a scene where the Shopgirl was lying in bed and dreaming of possibilities that would never come. I was the girl who painted by herself. The girl who read books before she slept. I was the one who lived and yet not lived.

There was a scene when the Shopgirl suffered from a bout of depression. She couldn’t move. She just stayed in bed and was catatonic. There was a point in my life when I was like that. I just curled up into a little ball and stayed in bed. I didn’t want to stand up. I just wanted to stay in bed. I was extremely depressed and unsure if I would survive another day. I would cry myself to sleep. When the morning came, I’d be sad again. And I’d be wondering if I’d make it to the next day.

But in the end, the Shopgirl found true love. And that changed her. And she no longer became depressed. The story had a happy ending.

If I hadn’t met Buddhism, I would still be depressed right now. Or worse, I’d be dead. Buddhism is just a tool. But actually, I wanted change in my life. When you welcome change, when you are ready for it, it will just come to you. And it came in the form of Buddhism, new friendships and new relationships.

Depression is spiritual death. And I had to come to the point of death to find my way back to life again. There is life after death. And I found life through Buddhism.



  tototch wrote @

You are very blessed “ablogaday” ;) I hope you know that. I am happy for you, truly. Sorry if I cant reply sometimes… uhmmm most of the time hehe. I do read your emails and I love reading them. So keep them coming. Take care!

  ablogaday wrote @

Thanks for commenting.. I’m so glad you know my blogsite. Don’t disclose it to anyone okay? It’s my secret site….. Take care…. Always.. You’re blessed as well. Very blessed. Stay happy.

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