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The Leap

A few months ago, before I became a Buddhist, I never would have thought that happiness was ever possible. For all of my life, I never really knew true happiness. And if someone told me last year that I’d become a Buddhist, I would have laughed at the idea. I was a devout Catholic. I visited the churches and chapels in my spare time. I was a prayerful person. But none of my wishes ( save for some ) were ever answered because I lifted them all to God. But I now know better.

Christians lift all of their problems to God. And as a consequence, we tend to blame God for all of our misfortunes. If God were a person, how sad God must be. How would God not be sad if God is  burdened by all of the world’s problems, is blamed for everything and is unappreciated by man?

But God has given man free will. Among all others, God has given man the power to choose. Humans forget this. That’s why they needlessly suffer.

Buddhists don’t talk much about God. But through my practice, there can be no doubt in my mind that there is a higher power at work. But my concept of God has changed. And I can’t really explain it. All I know is that God is the source, and that I am part of God. And that I am part-animal and part divine. Some humans, like the past Buddhas and the present Buddhas, make that quantum leap from being human to divine. And that indeed is a most wondrous thing.


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