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Show Love

The most popular post on my blogsite would be my post about the letter that I gave my EX-boyfriend. Everybody seems to just love that. I guess heartache is universal. I love how I have managed to touch people. But I’d like to say that I’m healed of my heatbreak now. But I’m even on more unfamiliar territory. I’m learning to love again. It’s really scary to try to love again after you’ve been hurt badly. But life moves on. And I feel that my heart is healed enough to try to love again.

This time I have much to lose though. But I’m braver than I ever was. There just comes a point in you life when you are ready for love again.

I’m afraid though because I am leaving the country. And won’t be back until several years later. And I fear that I might lose Richard forever. Our future is uncertain. And I’m afraid that I have allowed myself to love again only to get hurt again. But strangely enough, there is a part of me that is not afraid to love.

I realize that since I’m leaving, I might just as well, show Richard how much he means to me. To love and not to expect anything in return. That is indeed new for me. But I am so grateful that he is in my life. I want to reciprocate and show him how grateful I am for what he did to me. He helped heal my heartache. And I am forever indebted to him.

And so, each day, I find ways that I can show him how much he means to me. And I know it is bold. Next week, I am going to see him again to encourage him in person. He is having problems right now. And I feel that I must be there to help him. He’s not just the man that I have come to love. He is also my friend. And I’ll be there for him as a friend.

Sometimes relationships are complicated. Why can’t we just tell people how much they mean to us? But I’ve realized that it’s not important to tell the person how you feel. Words will always fall short of your true feelings. You must show the person how you feel. Love is meant to be shared. It is not meant to be said. Never say ” I love you ” to the person you love. Instead, show them that you love them. Actions will always speak louder than words.


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