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Know Thy Self

The true self is immortal. The true self is pure. The true self is untainted by pain, suffering, happiness, sadness, joy. The true self is emptiness. The true self is timeless.

The false self is Mara. The false self is ego. The false self is individuality. The false self is subjectivity. The false self is ‘I’ and ‘me’ and ‘we.’ I am the false self. I am an illusion. I am real but not real, yet I am necessary.

The ego is necessary. For without the ego, there would be no perception. There would be no individual experience. Perhaps even without ego, there would be no existence.

Some Buddhists keep saying that the ego is the enemy, that needs to be annihalated and destroyed or even conquered. I have a more compassionate stance. Shouldn’t we be more compassionate of our ego, of our self? Everything has a purpose. The ego has a purpose. For without it, we would dissolve back into the source.

For me to conquer my ego, I have to befriend it and understand it. The ego has a purpose. The self has a purpose. And to understand the ego, is to understand the self.

I have more trust now in the process. I have trust in existence. Everything has a purpose. No energy is ever wasted on the universe. Creation has a purpose. And once I will dissolve into nothingness, I will be happy for I will have served my purpose.


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  bigcreekbill wrote @

I appreciate your thoughts as I was doing some research on the “false self”. This may be of interest to you but at our men’s breakfast a couple of months ago, we started a series about the “false self”.

Love to hear what you think.


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