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The Guard

I’ve befriended the security guard in our office. His name is R. At first, I didn’t like him. In fact, no one in the office liked him. He was strict, smug and serious. I never thought that I’d come to like him.

As I started talking to him I realized that he’s a romantic at heart. He told me of the past relationships that he’s had. And he told me of his past heartbreak.

I believe that I have figured him out. It takes a while to know what people are about but once you find their hidden vulnerabilities, it’s easy to talk to them.

Last week, I received the surprise of my life when my married officemate, Jane, told me that she has a relationship with R. Who would have thought?

I was blind to the things that were happening around me. They had kept it secret but Jane decided to tell me when I started asking what she and my other officemate, E, were constantly talking about.

I don’t know why I’ve suddenly started to respect Jane. I know that having an affair is not good. But to allow yourself to be vulnerable takes courage.

It’s been well known that Jane is unhappy in her marriage. Her husband has stopped being intimate with her. And she is unhappy with how controlling he is.

I guess I have new found respect for her for falling for someone like R. R is a romantic at heart. And Jane has revealed that R is very caring and romantic.

During one of our conversations, R told me, ” It’s wonderful to be in love isn’t it? There’s no feeling like it in the world. ” And yet, I never knew at that time, that he was already seeing Jane.

We all are a little lonely. There are many of us who are unhappy in our relationships. There are so many people like Jane who are looking for someone to watch over them. People like Jane who literally fall in love with a security guard.


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