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How To Be Happy

How can you achieve happiness? Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

To be happy, you must not listen to your ego. You must do things that your ego disagrees to. Do things out of love and not do things out of pride.

The ego knows nothing about true happiness. All the ego knows is momentary happiness. Because that is what it was created for. The ego is created as a temporary construct. And since it is only temporary, it only seeks temporary pleasures.

To achieve true happiness, do not listen to your ego. Do things that are against your ego. Be the one who controls the ego instead of being controlled by it.

To be happy, you must follow the heart. Only the heart knows what is real and what is not real. Only the heart knows love. And love is the only thing that is real.

To be happy, you must accept. You must accept that there is suffering. You must accept that in life, you don’t have control over everything. We must accept that our past deeds would have a way of catching up with us. There is no escaping karma. We will always feel the effects of deeds done in the past. That is why, from this moment on, we must strive to do good. As a way of overturning our bad karma and a way of creating good causes.

To be happy, you must be brave. Only the brave people are happy people. People who are not open to life will be unhappy and unfulfilled. They will live desolate and unhappy lives.

To be happy, you must be compassionate. To be compassionate means to understand that we are all connected. That our happiness and unhappiness would depend on other people as well. For how can you be truly happy if you see so many people around you suffering and in pain?

To be happy, you must seek to understand yourself. Our goal in life is to seek self-awareness and self-understanding. Only when you have understood yourself and the reason for being, will you be able to understand others. Once you have understood yourself, you will naturally feel more compassionate towards other people. To understand others, you must first understand yourself.


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