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The Four Agreements

I came across Don Miguel Ruiz’s book by chance. I had just purchased a novel about Buddha’s life but I just had to browse again at the bookshelf. I saw his book, ” Mastery of Love.” I perused the first couple of pages and I was touched by the simplicity of his language and his message. I decided to take a chance and buy his book. When I got home, I read his book and finished it almost immediately.

I loved his message about the ancient Toltec wisdom. It’s no longer coincidence that what he shared is similar to Buddhism. The truth is universal. And label it as you may, but the truth is the truth.

The good thing about the book is that it only adds to what I already have studied about Buddhism. It is true. Love is the universal truth. And to love others you first have to love yourself.

Ruiz writes about the world of the dream, the mitote and the parasite. In Buddhism we call the mitote, the maya or the ego or the illusion. And the parasite is the negativity or our fundamental darkness. The names are different but they contain the same message. There is such a thing called the false self and the true self. And in order to be happy, you have to be aware or conscious of your thoughts.

I bought Ruiz’s other book, ” The Four Agreements ” yesterday. I wasn’t planning on buying the book but since there was only one copy left, I had to take a chance. And I didn’t regret buying the book.

Ruiz mentioned that we should make four agreements with ourselves. The four agreements being:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take things personally.

3. Don’t make assumptions.

4. Do your best.

The four agreements is similar to Buddha’s Eightfold Path of right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.

Ruiz mentioned that we have made an agreement with ourselves to allow ourselves to suffer. He said that human beings needlessly punish themselves repeatedly for something that they’ve done. And we repeatedly allow ourselves to suffer because we feel we deserve to be punished.

Ruiz said that it is conditioning of the mind that has caused us to suffer needlessly. Our mind is crowded by the expectations of others and by our emotional hurts. This is the barrier that prevents us from seeing our true selves.

Our true selves is happy like a child. Our true selves is innately good and loving. But because of the strictures of society and our family, we have lost our childlike innocence and nature.

But Ruiz said that there is a chance for us to regain our lost innocence. He said that instead of allowing ourselves to be trapped by our self-limiting beliefs, he said that we must make new agreements with our self. That’s why he enumerated the Four Agreements. And he said that by following these four agreements, we would learn to lead happier lives. For it is what we are here for. We are here to be happy.

Buddha speaks of the same thing. Buddha spoke of a state of Nirvana or a state of complete bliss. Jesus spoke of Heaven. And the Toltecs spoke of the New Dream.

Paradise is not a place or a destination. It is a state of mind. It is to be in that joyful state. It is a state of gratitude.

Humans suffer needlessly. We torture ourselves needlessly because we hold on to the past. We rarely live in the NOW. We forget that existence is a gift. Existence is impermanent. Our life on this planet is limited.

Life is a dream. Our existence is an illusion. But would we rather not spend our dream in a blissful state? Would we rather not choose to live a happy dream?


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  OlgaSantoTomásMonroe wrote @

By starting with simple actions, thoughts and words for being impeccable we begin to exercise that very precious muscle of truth with ourselves and others. I so agree with your thoughts on The Four Agreements. I mention some of this in my Parallels of Skydiving & Life–http://chickswhoknow.com/parallels-skydiving-living-1-coach-olga/

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