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My friend Fifi said that she wants to encourage her parents to change. And she mentioned that her husband told her that it would be impossible for old people to change. I find this so ironic since the opposite is true. It is impermanence that rules everything. The illusion is that people believe that change is not possible when in fact it is change that rules our lives.

Buddhists often speak of impermanence. Change is the only thing that is true. Moment to moment we change. Nothing is permanent. The moment we are born, we change. We grow old, we die. And then we are reborn again. And the cycle repeats itself.

In Nichiren Buddhism they call this ICHINEN SANZEN. It means that there are 3,000 realms in a single moment. What it basically means is that every second, we are in a constant state of flux. Every single moment we are changing. Our cells grow and die. Even our thoughts come and go.

Holding on to the past is useless since the past is an illusion. The only real thing is NOW. And NOW is but a series of moments linked together.

Change in people is not only possible. It is a reality. We change moment to moment. The only real thing is what we have NOW. And even NOW is fleeting. We try to hold on to the NOW but before we know it, it has gone by.

That is why we must be grateful for every second that we are alive. Existence is a privilege. Life is fleeting. I truly believe, that in the grand scheme of things, our existence is but a blink of an eye.

I know this to be true. But sometimes I forget to be grateful for the moments that I am alive. Today, I am worried and depressed again. But I know I won’t remain in this state forever.

There will come a day when I will remain in that state of Nirvana– to be always in a state of awareness to the truth. And once I achieve that state of being, I know that even death would not conquer me. And that is what they call a state of indestructible happiness.


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