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A Matter of Life And Death

I used to be afraid of death. That was when I was still depressed. I was afraid of death because I was afraid of living. I didn’t live my life. I was among the walking dead. I was afraid of death because I was afraid that my life meant nothing. And I was afraid that death would just prove my existence meaningless.

Ironically, once I started to say yes to life, I started to be unafraid of death. I realized that death is part of life. I used to think that we live so that we die. But now I realized the opposite. We die so that we can live. There’s a huge difference.

Buddhists keep mentioning the word ‘impermanence.’ I admit that I never understood that before. I never understood why it mattered so much. But it does. Once you realize that the life that we have is impermanent, you start to realize that living is a privilege.

This life that we have is impermanent. We don’t go on forever in our present form. When we die, our bodies go back to the earth. What  matters is what we do in between our birth and our death.

Once we realize how fleeting our present existence is, we start to realize how precious each moment really is. We could die at any moment. Why do we choose to preoccupy ourselves with death when we can choose life? And why waste your existence suffering when you can choose to be happy?


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