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Afterglow: A Novella

She had decided that it was not time to kill herself just yet. Today seemed like a good day. Her mood was better than yesterday. Perhaps, I’ll just do it tomorrow, she said to herself.

She looked outside her window. Directly across her apartment was a nursery school. Children were playing in the playground. Their laughter permeated the air. She immediately recalled her kindergarten days. When she was young all that she wanted was to play. Her favorites were the monkey bar, the see-saw and the slide. She made friends easily as children often do.

She watched as a young girl lost her balance and fell to the ground on her hands and knees. The child seemed surprised to find herself in that position. She immediately stood up and wiped the dirt off her knees and palms. The child resumed running again. She was laughing again as if nothing had happened.

I wish things were that simple, she thought to herself. You fall down and you get back up again. That’s why she likes children. Children are resilient. And they don’t allow things to bother them. They fall and they get back up again and start running. It’s the adults who are a little complicated. They fall and they can never somehow manage to get back on their feet again.

She looked at her wristwatch. If she didn’t leave immediately, she would be late for work. Perhaps it’s a good thing that she always procrastinated. There were plenty of tomorrows. There’s no telling when she’ll finally find the right time to kill herself.

She was always in a hurry to get back to work. She always made sure that she would be fifteen minutes early. But today was different. Instead of rushing to work, she…. For editing…


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