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A Life Lived

I spent two hours hanging out with my new Buddhist friends. And it just can’t be helped that we would talk about Buddhism. A, one of my Buddhist friends, mentioned Mr. K’s passing.

” A member asked why Mr. K had to die. She asked why Mr. K’s faith was not enough to save his life,” A said.

” And how was that question answered?” I asked.

” One member answered that it was Mr. K’s time to die. He was destined to die at that time. It was his karma. It was not his faith that failed him. He was just meant to die at that time.”

I wanted to share to her my own realization about death and dying. I just didn’t get to have that opportunity. She was a seat away from me. And the setting wasn’t really conducive to a serious discussion.

I wanted to tell her this: That Mr. K’s passing had nothing to do with his faith. Everyone dies. What is important is that we live our lives to the fullest. So that when our time comes, we won’t have any regrets.

It is true. We all die. What is important is how we live our lives. Do we spend our life spreading suffering or happiness? Do we spend our life spreading lies or the truth? Do we spend our life being selfish or being selfless?

It’s not about how we die. It’s about how we live. At the end of my life, I would want people to be happy at my passing because they know I spent it spreading happiness and hope. It is our death that defines how we lived our life.


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