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Liberate Me

I was touched when my Buddhist friend told me that she is praying for my happiness. I never expected that someone would pray for me. I pray for other people’s happiness. And I pray for my own happiness. I just never expected that someone would pray for me. It was really touching.

There are times when I question whether I did the right thing by converting to Buddhism. My upbringing was purely Catholic. I was baptized a Catholic. I studied at a Catholic school. My grandmother was a devout Catholic.

I was forced to be a Catholic. It was never by choice. I was forced to read the bible even if  it never made sense. And I was forced to go to church on First Fridays and Sundays. Looking back, I could not really connect with Catholicism. And try as I might, I never understood happiness by being a Catholic. I understood suffering. In fact, according to Catholics I’m a sinner since I had sex when I was four years old. For years, I grew up ashamed of who I was. But there comes a time when you grow tired of suffering and you’re ready for happiness.

I’m wary of calling Buddhism a religion because it is not just a religion. It is a philosophy. And it’s the only religion or philosophy that I know that tackles how to deal with suffering and with life. Understanding the concepts would not only make you understand the meaning of life but would help you understand yourself better. It’s a really wonderful thing. And it’s something that is based on common sense.

I’m still grateful for my past. Without it, I wouldn’t know how to liberate myself. That was Buddha’s intention. He wanted to liberate as many people as he could.

The illusion is that we suffer needlessly. Our life is short and we spend it suffering needlessly. Buddhism allows you to realize that you have a choice. That there is a way out of suffering.

I vow to help as many people as I can. My time is limited. But I want to spread awareness, hope and happiness to as many people as I can.


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