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The Whys in Life

I had a discussion with my friend Paolo. He finally addressed my concerns. I had stopped chanting for a few days. I just wanted to know the difference between not chanting and chanting. I wanted to know if I truly needed Buddhism in my life. And the answer just came.

Paolo said something that really made sense to me. He said, ” Why concentrate on the whys. It would only lead you to become more depressed. People who don’t ask that question just go on with their lives. If you stop to ask that question you will ultimately realize the emptiness of your life because you are not living it according to how you want to live it. If you just live your life and do whatever needs to be done, then that’s it.”

He added, ” You know that chanting works and that’s it. No need to ask why. It just works for you.”

During our conversation I realized that you can never run out of why questions to ask. The possibilities are infinite. Rather than concentrate on that, you should just concentrate on doing.

For years, I was always in a quandary because I dared to ask the question why. But asking the whys got me stuck in the asking. As a consequence, I never had time to live my life. The whys would have been answered if I just moved along with my life. But I got stuck in the whys. I never got to answer the why questions because for that to be answered, I have to act and live my life.

By sheer serendipity, I happened to click on my blog link that allowed me to read the posts that I wrote last year. It’s just so surprising. I can’t even say that I’m the same person anymore. I have changed drastically.

Finally I know why I should continue on becoming a Buddhist. Because the Buddhist way means change. And change means being in tune with the universe.

I have answered this particular why question. I know more why questions will be answered. And the only way that those questions could be answered is by daring to go with the flow of life.


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