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Opening Up

A lot has happened to me since I became a Buddhist. My inner transformation has been so rapid that I didn’t even have time to look behind my shoulder. This week last year, I started to practice Buddhism. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Looking back, I think becoming a Buddhist was the answer to my prayers.
I was a devout Catholic who believed in the power of prayer. But only a few of my prayers were ever answered. But the prayer that I kept on repeating for years was my prayer of happiness.
I prayed that I’d find happiness. And who knew? I would find it. But the path to happiness hasn’t exactly been easy.
I used to think that happiness was something that had to be pursued. I thought that I had to actively search for it. I realize now how wrong I was. Or how wrong many of us are.
Happiness is our natural state. The unnatural state is unhappiness. Happiness isn’t something that one has to look for outside of ourselves. Happiness is something that we have to remember.
The secret to happiness is not clinging to our thoughts. The secret to happiness is dropping our attachments to our past, to our material possessions, to people, and to our external circumstances.
Unhappiness can be likened to clenching your fists. When you clench your fist for a long period of time, eventually you will get tired. Happiness is likened to unclenching your fists and opening your palms up. Happiness is acceptance. Happiness means to let go of suffering.
It took me a long time to realize that. In fact, it took me a year to figure that out. But it isn’t easy to remain in a constant state of happiness. There are times when I feel dissatisfied with the way my life has turned out. But then, I try to remind myself how I’m making myself unhappy. And that’s when I try to self-correct.
I may not be constantly happy. But at least, I’m no longer constantly depressed. And also, it takes me just a few minutes or a few hours to regain my tranquil state again.
My mood is low right now. I feel sad and lonely. I never thought that I’d be thirty years old and still single. I thought I’d be in a happy relationship right now. I think that’s the last of my major issues. I know I’ll find the wisdom beneath this layer of sadness that I feel. And I know that after this dark cloud vanishes, I’ll be grateful for my life.
Sadness is but temporary. What remains after suffering and misery is happiness.

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