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Date With A Would-Be Angel

I guess I watched too many Ally McBeal episodes during my late teens. But, it’s beginning to show how funny my love life is. Last year, I had a date with a guy who loved to hurt himself. He was pretty scary at first until he talked about how his girlfriend dumped him and left him for his nemesis. He was Middle Eastern and kind of cute. He did treat me out which was nice. I started to pity him when he talked about his ex.

” I spent money for her education,” he said. ” But she left me for my most hated enemy. She’s in Dubai now.”

” I’m really sorry to hear that.” I was genuinely sad for him. Until he mentioned that he like to cut himself.

” Do you see this?” He pointed to his right forearm.

” What are those?”

” I cut myself. I did this after she left.”

It was a miracle that we went out on date number two. But we did. After that I lost his number. And it was all good.

I just had a date with a guy this afternoon. My cousin set us up. My cousin recommended him because he’s a good guy. I had a falling out with my cousin. I guess it was my cousin’s way of extending the laurel leaf. His good samaritan ways have backfired. It turns out that the guy he recommended was not what he seemed.

I met Mystery Guy at a cafe. He said that he was going to be wearing a white shirt with green sleeves. I thought he was wearing long-sleeves. I had no idea he was wearing a t-shirt. He was okay looking but very buff. He was wearing Simon Cowell-like t-shirt. The kind that’s too small for his body size. He had nice soft brown eyes. He wasn’t really that bad-looking.

I was a little nervous. First meetings are always nail-bitingly scary. He mentioned that he’s been gone for a while. And then I asked him, ” Where did you go?”

” For two years, I joined the Blessed Sacrament Congregation. It’s like the Jesuits but different. ”

” Oh.”

I didn’t get it at first. But ultimately, he made it very clear especially after he mentioned the word ‘vow.’

” I’m planning on doing my vow of poverty and chastity very soon,” he mentioned.

I haven’t been a Buddhist that long. I’ve been a Catholic for like twenty-eight years of my life so I got very suspicious when he mentioned that ‘vow’ thing.

“Oh you mean, you’re going to be a priest?” I blanched.

” Well. That’s the reason why I joined the seminary in the first place. I am going to be a priest. I’ve known that I was going to be a priest since second grade. I still remember that exact moment. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was when the priest broke the bread in front of me. At that moment I knew.”

Then I told him about Buddhism. He seemed to understand it. But he did mention God several times. We talked about divinity. And a supreme being.

” Love is our nature. Goodness is our true nature. Once we know that it will radiate from within us,” he said.

Not to be outdone, I mentioned how Buddhism is not just about finding God within but of knowing oneself and ultimately, knowing the meaning of life.

I was told by our leader that Buddhists should not engage in debates. He is right. Our date turned into something like a mini-debate.

I tried to diffuse the situation by saying, ” Ultimately, all religions, and I mean not the twisted religions are all about finding God, the divine nature within. Call it what you like. Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, it’s all about finding that divine nature within. The paths are different but they have one goal.”

I tried my very best not to sound like the Dalai Lama, but I guess I sounded that way. It was really funny. And I wonder what my expression looked like. For a first date that wasn’t really a date, it was kind of a strange topic.

Our mini debate which wasn’t really a debate or so the priest said, ended when my sister called. She needed her car back. And I had to say goodbye to my pseudo prince charming who was supposed to be my date but not really.

Once I got back home, I started to let my imagination run wild. It’s so funny if you think about it. If ever he’s going to leave his congregation for me ( which is not happening at all but this is just for the sake of entertainment ), we’re going to have a really silly argument.

Possible Future Me: Honey, you need to get in bed since it’s time to make a baby.

Possible Future Him: I can’t Honey. I made a vow of chastity which means no sex.

Possible Future Me: Ever?

Possible Future Him: Never. Ever.

So, I guess our honeymoon is never going to be. I do intend to make babies at one point in my life.

It’s just so funny how things turn out. I’m just so amused. I should go out on more dates so I have more disaster dates to write about.


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[…] mccall.dante wrote an interesting post today on Date With A Would-Be Angel…Here’s a quick excerpt:I spent money for her education,” he said. ” But she left me for my most hated enemy. She’s in Dubai now.” ” I’m really sorry to hear that.” I was genuinely sad for him. Until he mentioned that he like to cut himself. … […]

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