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Money And Relationships

Who would have thought that I’d gain so much insight by reading a book on finance?  It’s just so totally unexpected.

I’m reading this book titled, ” Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.” It’s about uncovering how a rich man’s mind works. It totally makes sense. In fact, some of the insights are similar to Buddhist insights.

The author mentioned the importance of going to the root. In our Buddhist practice, we’ve been told to always look within ourselves for the answer. Apparently, rich people don’t have self-limiting beliefs about money but most people do. And once you go back to your childhood, you realize that most of our self-limiting beliefs are conditioned or learned. And it can be unlearned by being aware of it and disassociating from that self-limiting belief.

The author suggested that the reader should go back to a specific point in time and try to uncover where their self-limiting beliefs came from or where they were learned.

I looked back to my childhood and the earliest memory I could remember was a fight between my grandmother and grandfather. They were fighting over money. I was five years old. And I guess, subconsciously, I took what I learned from that experience as truth: That money creates relationship problems.

And it was always ingrained into us that our grandfather ( being the poor one ) was only after my rich grandmother’s wealth. Of course, it was further reinforced by what we heard and what we experienced. I had similar observations about my own parents. They fought constantly over money.

Naturally, it reflected on my own relationship with my EX. We fought over money as well. Or rather, we fought over a piece of jewelry which he sold so that he would have money to buy his drugs. After that incident, I became afraid that my ex would only take advantage of me. And it didn’t help as well, because he did really take advantage of me.

But looking back, it was not really my ex’s fault that he was the way he was. The thing is, I allowed him to treat me the way he did. I could have said no to his abuse but I never did. The same with my self-limiting beliefs on love and money. I have the option of not listening to those narrow beliefs that would make me unhappy.

I’m going to finish on reading the book. Hopefully, I’ll be able to apply the things I’ve learned to my financial situation right now. And since my beliefs on money is inextricably linked to my belief on relationships, hopefully, I’ll be able to break out of my relationship karma as well.

I’m going to continue on reading the book.


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