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My Bucket List

I just saw the movie Bucket List. It seems an interesting idea. I don’t know how long I’m going to live. Hopefully, I’ll die old. I’m still thirty but it’s not too early to start my own bucket list.

Ever since I became a Buddhist, I’ve started to live my life to the fullest. I was depressed for most of my life. It’s about time I catch up with life.

I had dinner with two workmates last night. They seemed stressed and unhappy with their personal lives. It was then that I realized how changed I am. Like them, I used to be so involved with my problems and worries. Then, something wonderful happened. I became a Buddhist. I’ve never looked at life the same way.

Most of the people I know are so involved with their own cares and worries that they have forgotten to enjoy and appreciate their life. Most people never stop and ask themselves what their purpose in life is. Most people have ignored the spiritual aspect of their life.For me, it is the most important thing. We must nourish our spirits for our physical body fades away.

I know I’m going to realize my dreams within my lifetime. There’s no doubt about it. My conviction is to leave this world happy.

Here’s my bucket list:

-cook for my own family.

-tuck my children to bed every night.

– travel all over the world with my husband.

-make love with my husband in the most exciting of places.

– go to Greece

– go to Taj Mahal, India

– visit Mt. Fuji

– go back to the Eiffel Tower but this time with my husband.

– see the Pyramids of Giza.

– go skinny dipping.

– go mountain climbing.

– make love by the seashore.

– give birth to a daughter.

– give birth to twin boys.

– sing in front of a large crowd.

– publish a book or books.

-spread Buddhism in my home country and thus spread hope, love and peace.

– buy my favorite bed and breakfast inn.

– own my private beach resort.

– marry the man I love.

– travel around the world with my husband and children.

– take wonderful pictures of the wonderful places I’m going to visit.

– see my daughter walk down th aisle.

– go fishing.

– dive with sharks.

– bungee jump.

– sky dive.

-fly a plane.

– drive really fast on the autobahn in Germany.

– own a business that helps spread wealth to the less fortunate.

– see whales.

-visit the North Pole or Antarctica.

– swim with a whaleshark.

-own a kayak.

-help as many people as I can.


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  Owen wrote @

I have been recommending a book called “My Stroke of Insight – a Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey” by Jill Bolte Taylor and also a TEDTalk Dr. Taylor gave on the TED dot com site. And you don’t have to take my word for it – Dr. Taylor was named Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People, the New York Times wrote about her and her book is a NYTimes Bestseller), and Oprah did not 4 interviews with her.

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