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Awareness Grows

It’s really tough or challenging to be aware. I don’t judge people anymore. But sometimes, I’m almost tempted to judge people. But since I’m a Buddhist now, I have to be aware that people are not inherently bad. They’re just not conscious of their actions. Or in Buddhist terms, they’re just not enlightened.

An enlightened person is someone who is aware that he/she has a dark side. We call that ‘fundamental darkness.’ Everyone has that. Even the Buddhas have that. No one is free from that. It is said that without ignorance there would be no enlightenment. So, it’s an aspect of life that one has to live with.The thing is, it’s so challenging sometimes. I just want to be angry and lash out sometimes. But I just can’t seem to do that anymore because I’m aware that it’s just a normal process.

My sister, who is a non-Buddhist once said the most stupid thing. I don’t remember the exact details. But I was angry or upset at something. She then blurted out, ” I thought you’re a Buddhist. Buddhists don’t get angry.” I was just so surprised at the foolishness of it all. I replied rather curtly, ” I’m a human being. Of course, human beings get angry.”

People have this concept of Buddhists as being pacifists and peace-loving people. Of course, on good days we are peace-loving people and happy people. But since we’re human beings, we experience anger, frustration, hopelessness, despair, hate, jealousy, envy and all the other negative emotions. But the only difference is that we’re aware that these emotions are normal. They’re just aspects of a person’s life. But with acceptance and non-resistance to the negative, Buddhists are a lot more understanding and a lot more proactive.

I think that the awareness of my weaknesses and my dark side makes me a more humble person. I know I can never feel more superior than everybody else. I understand that just like everyone else, I am not perfect. I’m human.

But it’s so wonderful that I don’t have bad days anymore. I mean, I have bad moments or bad hours. But all in all, I don’t have bad days anymore. For me, a day is neither good nor bad. Another sunrise, is another opportunity for change It’s also a reason to be grateful for another chance at life. Another sunset is just a reminder that there is a lot to learn.


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