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Pay It Forward

I am so grateful for people who genuinely wish me happiness. A reader sent me a comment and wished me happiness. I do seem to get that a lot. A few weeks ago, I went out with my Buddhist friends. We had lunch. Out of the blue, one of them named R, said, ” I really do wish you happiness. You are such a good person. And you deserve to be with a good person as well. I wish you’ll find that person who would really make you happy.” Hearing her say that to me, almost brought tears to my eyes. And I felt guilty for harboring negative thoughts about her.

One of my Buddhist friends told me that R is having financial problems and apparently marriage problems as well. And my friend mentioned that R tried to cheat her of money. But then, I realized that who in this world is not guilty of something bad? What’s really wonderful is that despite the bad causes that we’ve created, we can still manage to wish for happiness for other people as well.

I have paid it forward. I have prayed for the happiness of my family members and my friends as well. I can’t explain that feeling when you genuinely wish happiness for people other than yourself. It’s such a wonderful feeling.

People like R and the readers of this blog that have wished me happiness, reminds me of the good nature and of the selflessness that we all possess. I hope we’ll take time in our busy lives, to wish happiness for others. I know that the blessings that we receive will come back to us a hundred fold.


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