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Bruce Almighty

I don’t know why I didn’t really like the new Batman movie. I loved Batman Begins because it was so positive. The new Batman flick is just too dark for me. Heath Ledger’s Joker is the scariest Joker I’ve seen so far.

I loved Batman Begins because Bruce Wayne tried to do something positive. He had every right to turn to crime given his traumatic history. But he chose to fight crime instead. He chose do something good despite the bad thing that happened to him. That’s why of all the comic book heroes, he’s my favorite.

We as human beings may not have control over the circumstances that happen to us. But we have control over the choices that we make after bad things happen to us. We can choose to be overwhelmed by tragedy or we can choose to rise above it.

I loved the first Batman flick because of the human side of the story. We really get to see what motivates Bruce Wayne to become Batman. In the second installment of Batman, Bruce Wayne has been relegated to a supporting role. We rarely get to see his character. Even the Batman has become a victim of hype. In Dark Knight, Batman becomes just a mere symbol. He has become a boogey man for the criminals.

Batman has become a victim of his own doing. He thought that using violence to fight violence would be enough to deter criminals. But apparently, as Gordon warned him, it would only lead to an escalation of more violence. Batman’s grand plan of ridding Gotham of crime has backfired on him. Instead of making things better, he has made things worse.

Joker is Batman’s creation. For without a hero like Batman there would be no villain like Joker. Joker’s reason for being is to create chaos and mayhem just to prove to the world that he can defeat Batman. He is not motivated by money or power. His sole purpose is to destroy Batman’s image as a hero. At the end of the film, Joker does emerge victorious because we see Batman retreat into the darkness not as a hero but as a villain.

I guess I have to wait for the third film before I completely hand in my verdict. Perhaps Dark Knight is just suffering from the middle child syndrome. Or maybe I’m just uncomfortable with the fact that good people sometimes do fail in their endeavor. But as they say, ” You can’t keep a good man down.” I’ll wait for the next film. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Bruce Wayne for it is always interesting to see the human side of the story.


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