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The Interruption

I invited my cousin to go spend a nice relaxing day with me at the beach. She said yes at first but yesterday, she almost changed her mind. She had so many excuses. And finally she relented.

When she got into the car, she started blabbing about her life and her problems. And I just drove and listened to her talk. It took us two hours to get to our destination. And that was also the amount of time that she talked. She was like a pendulum. She was emotionally volatile. She would laugh and make jokes. Then she’d cry. Then she’d get angry.

Her cellphone would go off every few minutes. She would pick it up and start talking. Sometimes, she would call her office to check on things.

She told me that she was millions in debt. She also had marital problems. She confessed that she has never been intimate with her husband for months. I felt so sad for her. But I also knew that whatever problems she has right now, it is of her own doing. And the solution is also within her.

My cousin is a very intelligent and aware woman. She facilitates personality development seminars. She helps people. She’s always there for people. In fact, she never has time for herself. Her time is divided between her business and her family. And even if I took her for a relaxing day, she was rarely relaxed. And her mind would always flounder. She was never at peace.

And I thought to myself how sad her life has become. She knows so much and yet her knowledge and awareness can’t do anything to save her from being unhappy. I’ve always believed that it’s not how much you know, but how you can apply what little you know to improve your life. A person may not know a lot of things but what’s important is that a person knows enough in order to be happy.

I tried to advise my cousin. I wanted to point out her mistakes to her. But it was so hard to get to her. She would always talk and she would rarely listen. And for the rest of the afternoon, what I thought would be a relaxing day turned into a stressful day because I absorbed so much of her negativity. And when I told her that she was standing on one of my favorite places, she barely appreciated the beauty and view that was surrounding her.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own problems and worries that we rarely get to see the world around us. And maybe next time, it would be ideal for me to spend an afternoon with someone who appreciates life and cares to look at the beauty that is everywhere around us. Sometimes, silence is all that is needed. No words have to be spoken.


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