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It\’s a blog where I write about the extraordinary and the ordinary things going on in my life.


Ever since I became a Buddhist, I keep track of the movies that I watch and the things that I read. I used to like violent and gory movies but now I get disturbed by violence. I used to read a lot of horror fiction and romance novels as well. But now, I read spiritual books and science books. On my bookshelf are books that have withstood the passage of time. Meaning, I still appreciate these books now that I’m a Buddhist.

These books are:

A Year in Provence

It Must Have Been Something that I Ate

A Brief History of Everything

I find that I like travel books or books about travel, food and about the more positive things in life. I find that I also like science because it’s about the observation of phenomena. But spiritual books are best because it opens your eyes to a lot of things.

In the future, I might add my list of favorite books.


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