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How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

I watched an episode of my favorite t.v. show. In that episode, an eighty nine year old guy died. One of the main characters was deeply affected by the death of this old man. The main character didn’t know how to cope and didn’t know how to honor the old man. The old man took care of him when his father died and had become his second father. The main character asked for help from his writer friend on how to go about in delivering a eulogy. His writer friend suggested that he talk about the little things because it’s the little things that matter.

The episode is one of my favorites. It got me thinking about my own mortality. How would I like to be remembered? Buddhists know how short life is and how precious it is. We know how important it is to leave behind good deeds and good memories.

The episode also reminds me of the short speech that was delivered yesterday during one of our Buddhist general meetings. One of the members made a really profound and wonderful speech that brought tears to my eyes.

He said:

We as Buddhists know that life and death occur simultaneously. The moment of life is also the moment of death. The two are intertwined. And so, we must not waste time in useless pursuits.

They say that our life is like a movie. And you are the director and actor of your own life. There are only two directions that you can go. You can make a movie about your life where only you and you alone are happy to the exclusion of everyone else. When you die and watch back on your own life, the scenes would be brief. And at the end of the movie of your life, you would feel empty.

Or you could choose to make the other movie where you help spread happiness. At the moment of your death, when you watch back on your life, you would feel extremely happy because you spent your life helping others to be happy. It’s like watching your favorite movie. And there are so many wonderful scenes that you wouldn’t want the movie of your life to end.

There are two kinds of happiness. There is relative happiness and absolute happiness. Relative happiness is fleeting. Absolute happiness is never ending. When one is selfish and cares only for his own happiness, then he would experience a happiness that is empty and short lived. When one is selfless and cares for other people’s happiness, he would experiences boundless joy.

I know those lessons well. But sometimes, I tend to get lost. There are days when I feel that I don’t have a direction in life. But sometimes, a passage in a book, or in this case, an episode of my favorite t.v. show would remind me of what I’m on this planet for. I’m here to be happy and to spread happiness. And I can start the journey of a thousand miles by transforming my own life.


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