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Taking Risks

I learned something from my friend, T. She just got married last week. Before that, she was in a five year relationship that didn’t work out. Once she got out of the relationship she attracted her future husband. They just met last March. And on the same month, the guy proposed to her. She accepted his offer. When I saw her during her wedding, she seemed very happy. There was a glow about her face. A glow that was never there when she was still with her ex-boyfriend.

T’s husband is decent-looking and nice. What’s more he’s well-off. He really looks like he can take care of her. And they seemed very happy together. I first dissuaded T from moving in too fast, but I realized that my advice was unfounded. There really are no guarantees in life. Just because you’ve known someone for five years doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy with that person. And just because you’ve known a person for a few months doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be happy with that person. What’s important is that you take risks. Fortune favors the bold.

My friend’s sudden marriage got me thinking why I’m still not in a relationship. So far, nothing has materialized because I’m too afraid to take risks. I was hurt before, but I let that experience haunt me. I’m afraid to love again. But so far, my fear has brought nothing but loneliness and misery in my life. And you can spend five years nursing a heartache and you still won’t fully recover. What’s important is that you move on with your life. Living in constant fear of being hurt will not make you happy.

I admit that I was wrong for holding back. But at least, I learned a wonderful lesson that would lead me to becoming more happy. At least, I realized it now rather than later.We sometimes let our fears take the better of us. Most of our fears are not going to materialize. And having anxieties in the future isn’t going to make us better prepared for it in case it does happen.

My cousin always tells me that there are no guarantees in life. You could have your life all planned out and mapped out and still you would not be happy. The happiest people I know are the people who just let life be. Living life to the fullest means, picking yourself up when you make a mistake. Living life to the fullest means starting your life from this moment on. The past is gone. We can’t take it back. But our future is what we make it.


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