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Life List

Ellen mentioned during one of her interviews with Orlando Bloom that one should have a life list.A life list is a list of the things you want to accomplish within your lifetime. I already have a bucket list but a bucket list is sort of a life list in a way, although it’s more general. A life list is more specific. I guess it’s time that I write my own life list.

1. Travel with my boyfriend to anywhere.

2. Study cooking in Tuscany.

3. Read bedtime stories to my kids.

4. Take photography lessons.

5. Take guitar lessons.

6. Go back to playing the piano.

7. Join a band.

8. Buy and sell things.

9. Practice on my basic French; and learn Italian.

10. Revisit Europe and take wonderful pictures.

11. Write books.

12. Continue on traveling all over the country and all over the world.

13. Cook pizza for my family.

14. Cook meals for my family.

15. Make love to boyfriend on the beach.



  insightsandeyesights wrote @

hi nice blog you have here

  Pris wrote @

Hey there! I like your blog, and I enjoyed reading some the words and they are deep. I was in a relationship and things gotten a little out of hand and we had to call it off. But I am still hurting. I have no idea how to move on.

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